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Moose Republic Decals


Robert Bergwall

Lindengatan 4D

+46 (0) 704576972

Therms of conditions

International customers

International customers located outside of the EU are excluded from Swedish tax (25%). International shipping charge is 21 SEK.

Swedish customers

Swedish customers who are not Paypal users can pay upon delivery with the attached invoice (30 days due time). Please use some of the above adresses to place order by invoice. Swedish shipping charge is 9 SEK.
Custom made decals
One popular question is if it's possible to order your own custom made decals. Nothing is impossible! But since these decals are printed in quatities starting at 300 pieces, it becomes rather pricy. A final price is also related to the numbers of layers and the printed area the actual project may take into account. Anyhow a starting price at 5000 SEK per project is to consider.