48008 J 30 Mosquito Mk. XIX 1/48
November 16, 2016
72024 HKP 9A&B MBB Bo 105 1/72
November 20, 2016
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72022 HKP 3 B&C A.B 204 1/72


Additional important information about the dayglo decals:
The dayglo decals are printed with a special paste since this is the only way to reproduce the dayglo effect. Therefore they are very stiff and hard, unfortunately very resistant to decals softeners also. One way to make them softer is to use warmer water than normally would be suggested. Try on a scrap piece first!

In general the Cartograf decals are somewhat thicker and stiffer than other brands (the white numbers etc, printed on separate sheet are considered to be more a “conventional” print).

Microscales Softener appears to work well on the Cartoograf decals, better than MrMarks Softener and Tamiya Mark Fit Strong.